Updated: Dec 13, 2019

It is always difficult to make a decision on what to keep and what to get rid of when you move. Even more so, when you know you have to downsize, the decision can sometimes be overwhelming. With this in mind, I offer a list of seven items you should toss before making that move.

I do not say this easily, but with the thought in mind that moving less stuff is not only easier, but it is also less expensive. Not to mention that it will make your move and unpacking less time consuming.

JUNK COFFE MUGS – I put this at the top of my list because who doesn’t have a bunch of junk coffee mugs. From when you may have traveled and collected mugs from souvenir shops or even last minute at the airport to those endless holiday or birthday gifts from well-meaning colleagues at work. I’m certain you are not a stranger to the plight of junk coffee mugs. Be very selective as to which ones you decide to keep. Remember, you can only drink out of one cup at the time.

CLOTHING - if you haven’t worn a clothing item within the last year, chances are you won’t be wearing it again. If you are holding on to a clothing item with the chance that it will “come back in style one day” , consider this: Fashion experts estimate there is a 40 year cycle for when fashion will return, (sometimes a 20 year cycle, but never within the next few years). Even then, there are slight variations on that style when and if it does return that would set it apart from the original. Just saying. So toss it if it hasn’t been a part of your regular rotation of clothing lately.

UNWANTED DVDS AND CDS – okay, first of all, almost everything you have on DVDs and CDs can be found on a streaming service these days. But in your defense, let’s say you want to hold on to them because you don’t want to purchase a streaming service (or worst, can no longer afford a streaming service). Then by all means, keep your collections. But try to be selective. Did you really like that movie the first time you saw it? Or why did you like that CD in the first place? Just remember, that whatever you toss, you will immediately have that space for something else you may need to shelve in your new place (which if downsizing, is definitely a smaller space than you have now).

OLD PAINT - remember that when you move, you are responsible to move all things out of the home. This includes old cans of paint. Unless you are leaving a couple of cans of a current color for the new residents to touch ups on your old home, then by all means, toss them before you move.

Books - Don’t get me started on books! I am a book lover from way back. Though I am not even moving, recently I made the decision to get rid of most all of my books. It was a hard decision and even harder to carry it out. But as with DVDs and CDs, almost everything is now found online. Unless you just love to hold a hard copy book, then by all means, hold on to those great books. But as far as the plethora of information books that once graced our shelves (cook books, how to build a dog house, where to travel, etc.), remember that all of that information is now digital for all to behold at the touch of one’s finger or stylus.

Expired medication – if your medicine cabinets are loaded down with old or else expired prescriptions or over-the-counter medical items, then you should seriously take a step towards eliminating them from your belongings. Here’s a tip: the FDA provides guidelines for how to responsibly trash meds and/or flush them down the toilet. Just follow this link for further information:

Out-of-date Electronics: here’s a good question for you – How many old computers do you own? We all have them. How about old out-of-date phones? A good rule of thumb is, if they are more than five years old and you haven’t used them in that long, then by all means, this is a good candidate for tossing!

Have fun downsizing and remember:

If it doesn’t pay rent, then kick it to the curb.

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