Seniors Can Donate Blood Too!

National Blood Donor Month is all January. It is a common myth that senior citizen cannot donate blood. In fact, most can and it’s easier than you think. Here are some guidelines for donating.

“The American Association of Blood Banks used to bar people over 65 from donating blood, but it scrapped the rule in 1978 after studies found that older people who stored their own blood prior to surgery did well, said Dr. Steven Kleinman, the association’s senior medical adviser. Now most blood banks are happy to accept blood from older volunteers.”

Donors age 50 and older are less likely than young donors to have an adverse reaction such as dizziness, lightheadedness, bruising or fainting. An individual must weight at least one hundred and ten pounds in order to donate a single unit of blood, since any lesser weight would be too destabilizing to donate blood, leaving the donor dizzy and unable to function. Likewise, a senior who has recently had a cold or the flu should not donate blood, because it is more likely to have a recurring onset than if they refrained.

Check with your care providor and the net time you see a Big Red Bus, think about donating.


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