As you approach retirement, have you been thinking of relocating from your lifetime home to a retirement community? There are many aspects of making a move of this magnitude that would be best handled by a real estate agent who has specialized training this situation. This is where a Senior Real Estate Specialist could be of assistance to you.


What is a Senior Real Estate Specialist?

Basically, a Senior Real Estate Specialist is a person who has skills and knowledge to assist sellers and homebuyers age 50+. Not only so, but they likewise have the compassion necessary to work with those within that age group. It is within their scope of expertise to work with the multi-generational needs of such a relocation to include the caregivers and/or adult children of the senior being relocated. A Senior Real Estate Specialist necessarily has the ability display both sensitivity and confidence when one chooses to make this important transition in life.

They also have a networking base in specialized field such as tax counseling, estate planning and other senior-support professionals. Those networking connections together with their knowledge of housing alternatives for the 50+ age group make them an invaluable resource when it comes to downsizing and relocating from your lifetime home.

A Senior Real Estate Specialist understands the emotional connection one can have with a home where they have lived 10, 20 or even more years. They understand that there are memories connected to their family home. Having a person such as a Senior Real Estate Specialist can help you to have a less stressful transition, since they can help you through the emotional process of selling your family home.

Are you considering investing your retirement portfolio into the purchase of rental property as a revenue source for your retirement? Then a Senior Real Estate Specialist is just who you should contact.

How to Find a Senior Real Estate Specialist

When hiring a Senior Real Estate Specialist, make sure they have the proper designation. A Senior Real Estate Specialist would, of course, be a qualified and licensed real estate agent with a specialized designation as a Senior Real Estate Specialist. This means that they not only completed training as a real estate agent, but they also went the extra mile in acquiring the specialized training in order to qualify for the credentials necessary for a Senior Real Estate Specialist.

During your initial consultation with a Senior Real Estate Specialist, you might ask questions such as “what do you do differently when selling a senior’s home than when you sell a younger client’s home?” or “Do you have experience with local move managers?” Of course, such as Interiors for Seniors is one such move manager. Additionally, you might want to ask them plainly, “What will you do to sell my home?”

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