Senior Connections

Interiors for Seniors has made 1000’s of moves over the last decade. One key element to so many successful moves is the ability to make connections with people. The initial interaction with the client is a comprehensive in-house consultation. During this process, Missy Donaghy, owner and operator, develops a repertoire with the family and learns their needs and desires for the move. Missy has a special ability to connect with people on a personal level. She puts herself in the mindset that this person(s) is a representation of her own grandparents. She makes this deep connection so she can provide comfort and confidence during the stressful moving process.

How are connections made? Primarily, listening is the most effective tool…..really listening to the client describe their belongings. What is special or precious to them? What needs to be handled carefully? Connections are formed by listening to the stories behind personal memorabilia. Connections are formed by lending a comforting shoulder when the sorting of personal memories becomes overwhelming.

When a move becomes overwhelming, which happens very frequently, Missy is very adept at “Holding Space”. Holding space involves the special quality to consciously relate to others. Missy is a relocation facilitator, moving coach, and friendly guide. By offering gentle support and guidance, she helps clients walk through one of the most difficult moves of their lives. Often we will receive an email from a client after their completed move. Many times they apologize for “falling apart” or “being a mess” during the move. Missy’s response is always a gentle one reassuring them that this is a normal feeling. That this move has been a profound change in life and it’s surroundings.

The main concept Missy imparts is to JUST BREATHE, TAKING ONE DAY AT A TIME.


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