Save Your Photo’s Day ~ September 30th!!!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Have you heard of National Pickle Day, National Rescue Dog Day, National School Librarian Day or National Peach Cobbler Day? In the United States, every day of the year has 4 or 5 nationally recognized foods, events or ideas. September 30th is Save Your Photo’s Day. It is wonderful that we have national recognition of this important task. Chronology and caring for photos are an important way to keep memories alive. On this day, take time to go through your existing collection and update any pictures that are sitting on your camera or have been developed.

old photo album

I call it a task, but it a loving one. It is a task because caring for a collection of photos is something that needs to be maintained on a regular basis. When your granddaughter sends you 25 pictures of your beautiful new great grandson, set aside time to organize and sort these pictures into a favorite photo organizing program. The key though is to start organizing your pictures, then once they are organized set aside time frequently and regularly to continue the sorting process with new photos.

One program the Interiors for Seniors recommends is . A simple account can be setup using their easy to follow directions. When your pictures come in from email or a text, you send them to the Shutterfly program. Pictures can then be printed, greeting cards made or various other fun and creative items.

Chronology and caring for photos are an important way to keep memories alive. Early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can be facilitated in a positive way by reviewing photos and recalling stories associated with the memories. As a caregiver, a wonderful activity is to create a scrapbook using photos and clippings that have been collected over the years. Pull out small amounts of photos at a time. Don’t overwhelm your loved one with piles and boxes of photos. Allow plenty of time for reminiscing over each item. This is not a project to be rushed or sped through. Using acid free paper in your scrapbook is very important. Sometimes for very delicate items. Gloves may be worn to prevent any damage.

classic camera

Interiors for Seniors recognizes the importance of family photos and memorabilia. We strive to take the utmost care of these precious items. At the beginning of a move, you will be provided a form to list those items in your house that need extra special care. We ask for this in advance so that we can arrive with the proper packing materials. We understand that many of these precious items are irreplaceable and invaluable. Feel free to talk with us about any concerns you may have about the upcoming move of valuable items.


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