Preserving Memories with the Grandparent Tree

Updated: May 1, 2019

On our moves, the staff at Interiors for Seniors sees the memorabilia lovingly displayed in many homes. One of the harder things to store in limited space is a Christmas tree. Why not incorporate it into your everyday decor? Since Spring has sprung, you could spruce up your surroundings with a Grandparent Tree. My mom has six children, ten grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. You can imagine how many keepsakes she has acquired from each of us over the years. So she came up with the year round tree idea, lovingly christened The Grandparent Tree, where she hangs items we have gifted her over the years. Don’t just store those keepsakes in a box and tuck them away. Rather, go to your storage box and choose items to display on your tree. You can either change the decorations around for various occasions such as holidays, birthdays or anniversaries or you can break with tradition and display your favorite decorations year round, no matter what. And don’t forget the sports memorabilia for game day.

year round tree

The ideas are as endless as your imagination. You will enjoy having an instant way to enjoy the memory of your keepsakes hanging on your Grandparent Tree. Whenever your loved ones come over, they will see that you have acknowledged their gift to you in a beautiful and loving way.


  • Small artificial holiday tree (to fit your living space)

  • Roll of fishing line (for hanging decorations)

  • Hole reinforcements

  • One-hole punch

  • Ornament hooks

  • To add a touch of flair, buy a spool of decorative ribbon to spiral around your tree.


  • Sun catcher

  • Keychain school pictures

  • Medals (military, championships, etc)

  • Graduation tassels

  • Vacation souvenirs

Here are some really cute ideas for changing your tree with the seasons. Many gifts throughout the year are small mementos from friends or family and this is the perfect place to display it.

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