If you are planning on selling your home, you may want to do some remodeling prior to putting up that for sale sign. So, where in the world will you put the contents of a room in order to remodel properly?

Remodeling is never an easy task and it is usually necessary for you to clear out one or even several rooms at a time in order to improve the interior appearance of your home. This would include painting walls or even installing new floor coverings. Portable Storage Containers are the perfect solution to this problem.

Renting a portable storage unit is simple with several choices available. First, you want to consider what size you would need for your remodel project. As a rule, a portable storage container usually comes in three different sizes and are comparable to how many rooms you wish to store in them. One room, is 7-feet long by 7-feet wide by 8-feet high; and graduate in length to 12-feet or even 16-feet long (suitable for 3 to 4 rooms) (the width and height remaining uniform in all).

The delivery fee for a portable storage container is usually uniform and is approximately $100. However, rental fees for these containers are adjusted according to the size you wish to rent. The fees are calculated for a month’s time and range between approximately $170 to $200. You can, of course, opt for additional months with a fixed monthly rate (generally you get a break on additional months, depending on the company’s policy).


U-Box, associated with U-Haul is one such portable storage container company. However, they have one standard size for their units, so that you will merely need to rent additional units if you need extra space. Their website states that one of their units has the capacity to hold about one and one-half rooms. The upside to renting from them is that if you order an extra unit and don’t have the need for it then you will only be charged for the one you use.

U-Box will also pick up and store your packed container in a secure warehouse, should you find that you will have to move prior to finding a new residence. Though they do not readily post the price of their containers on their website, they have a field of questions you can answer in order to get a quote.


Home Depot also rents portable storage containers. Called PUPS, the fees for these containers work on the same principle as U-Box (U-Haul) containers. That is, they deliver the container to your home and have an off-site self-storage facility should you need to store your packed container(s). They have two container sizes, either 10-feet and 16-feet. They do not advertise their prices on their website, therefore you will need to call the number they list for a quote on the prices.

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