When moving, there are generally two choices for containers: plastic or cardboard boxes. says this: “Figuring out the pros and cons of cardboard boxes vs. plastic boxes can make or break (literally) a move. And there’s not one right choice! It all depends on when, where and how you’re moving.”

plastic moving containers

Let’s take a look at both choices.


  • More economical - Cardboard boxes can not only save you money since they are cheaper than plastic containers, but sometimes you can get them for free. Try places like grocery stores, department stores or even bookstores.

  • Good for short distance moves - If you are only moving a short distance then by all means, cardboard boxes are sufficient to accomplish this.

  • They can be used multiple times.

  • If using cardboard boxes, use heavy-duty (ones that will contain approximately 50 lbs) as well as uniform sizes, which make them easily stackable. A good choice is the 24-in x 18-in x 18-in size.


  • Plastic is an investment and reusable OR you can rent them from U-Haul or Crate Depot

  • Plastic as Eco-Friendly. Plastic containers are reusable and don’t need to be recycled. Once you have unpacked after your move, you can repurpose them for storage containers.

  • Plastic containers don’t require the purchase of tape

  • Plastic containers protect from water damage. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic containers are your best protection from moisture.

  • Plastic containers are more durable and can withstand more weight than cardboard

  • Plastic containers add a layer of protection since they are more crush-proof than cardboard containers.

  • Plastic containers keep out pests.

Unlike cardboard boxes, you don’t need to worry about rodents, roaches or the like getting into your belongings.

  • Plastic containers are best for long-term storage.

  • If you are downsizing and are going to need to put some of your belongings in storage it is best to use plastic containers

  • In summary, now that we have an understanding of the differences between cardboard and plastic containers let’s take a look at the pros and cons of plastic containers.


  • Protection against water damage.

  • If you purchase plastic containers with a transparent design, it is easy to help you keep track of the items within.

  • Their design helps to prevent insect and rodent damage.


  • Plastic containers can retain acidity.

  • In purchasing plastic containers, you need to knowledgeable of the type of plastic they are made of. According to the website,, “When considering plastic storage boxes, be sure to look for polypropylene or polyethylene.”

  • Plastic containers can be more expensive than your archival board boxes depending on the size you choose.

  • Plastic containers weigh more than cardboard boxes (in reference to a mover’s ability to pick up them up)

Types Of Plastic Storage Boxes Heavy duty plastic storage boxes are available in a variety of designs to choose from based on your individual needs and requirements. gives this advice on Plastic containers:

“Stackable plastic boxes are mostly used in manufacturing and industrial applications. Can be stacked on top of each other. They are often rust-proof and acid-proof.”

And regarding large plastic boxes, they say,

These storage boxes are ideal for the storage of newspapers, clothing, and other household items. They are recommended for long term storage needs. These types of boxes are waterproof and can help to prevent humidity and moisture from damaging valuable items.

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