Just what do I mean by “hacks”? Well, in this context, a packing hack is a quick solution to solve a packing problem. As a professional moving company, we run into all sorts of ways to pack things.


First things first. Let’s think about your immediate needs just prior to moving and just after you get to your new place. We will call this your “moving day box.” This box should include items from the following categories:

  • Personal Needs

Personal needs would include toilet paper, hand soap, small hand towel, 2 or three wash cloths, paper towels and of course, any medications. Be sure to include a small plastic bag for collection of any waste. It is also a good idea to include a change of clothing and a sweater or house jacket.

  • Nutritional Needs

Bottled water, beverages (such as instant coffee, tea and fruit or vegetable drinks) as well as nutritious snacks (granola, trail mix and such).

  • Pet Needs

Include food and water dishes together with a small supply of food and treats. A small blanket is nice and if your pet has a favorite, non-active toy, pack this to make them feel comfortable in a strange place.

  • Tools

Include a small set of tools for a quick fix should you need it. Also include a flashlight. You just never know if you will need these types of items.


By keeping your hanging clothes on a hanger, you can group a section of them at the time and put a large plastic garbage bag over them. This will keep them clean and easy to handle.


Use your suitcases, sports bags and back packs to pack your shoes.


Purchase plastic storage bins to pack your holiday decorations. This will work for your moving process as well as for storage throughout the year when they are not in use. Once you do this, you will wonder why you didn’t do it before.


Use old sox to slip your drinking glassware including stemware to protect them before packing. Get a packing box with inserts to further protect them from breaking.


Use old fitted sheets to cover your mattresses for added protection. Ditto with your sofa and chair cushions.


Moving is a great time to start snapping pictures of your belongings. This is necessary for an insurance claims in the future.


Ziplock bags are an essential for moving as far as I am concerned. It is a great way to keep small things organized. You can put electrical cords, screws to furniture and even important papers. Be sure to label them to correspond with where they belong. Once the plastic bag is packed, you can take it one step further and use some packing tape to attach it to its match (electronics, furniture etc.).

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