Packing and moving you home entertainment center can be quite challenging on several levels. If you are like most people today, your home entertainment center is the hub of your existence. And if you have children or grandchildren, you know how important your entertainment system can be to them. So, the first challenge should be: when do you begin to pack up your system?

When to Start Packing Your Home Entertainment Center

Let’s first consider what electronics are involved in your center. You most likely have a large tv and a computer/gaming section that may or may not be hooked up to your large tv together with a set of speakers.

Then there is all the electronics that are involved to make these systems work such as modems, routers and game systems, not to mention the software that you may have to go with the gaming systems. You may even still have a DVD player as well which would mean you have a DVD collection in your possession.

Now that we have given overview of possible electronics involved, you may begin to narrow down a timeframe for packing by the importance of you electronics in your daily life. The best way to approach this is to first surmise what portable electronics you have that can be used as a rather substitute for your needs while your big system is being transported.

The simple answer here is that a laptop and a portable gaming system, if necessary (for the kiddies and the grown-ups, LOL), may be the answer to your entertainment needs during your move. Of course, you will need to have your internet connection until the end, so make sure you allow for that in your packing schedule.

While we are on the subject of internet connections, it is a good time to remind you to schedule your move with your internet provider such that you have minimal interruption in your connections between your old dwelling and your new dwelling.

In the event you are moving out of your current area, you will want to be sure to return any “on loan” devices that you may have from your current internet/cable company. This would include such devices as modems, routers, tv boxes or satellite equipment.

Packing Your Entertainment Center

  • Pack your gaming systems and DVD player first. Before packing your DVD player, be sure there are no discs in the inside. Next, your can pack your DVD and games collection.

  • Pack any battery-powered devices you will not be using throughout the move. Be sure to power down these devices so you don’t drain your batteries.

  • Organize your cords. Be sure to put each set of cords in a Ziploc and label for which device to which they are attached. Additionally, you should tape these Ziplocs to the device to which they belong.

  • Use bubble wrap to surround each device before placing it in a sturdy cardboard box. You may also use any old clothing or towels for this purpose should you not have bubble wrap.

  • Be certain to cushion in between devices if you are putting multiple devices into one box.

  • Don’t overload the boxes.

  • Label the contents of each box clearly, including writing FRAGILE on several sides of the box.

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