When preparing for a move, it is best to assign a section of your home as the “headquarters” for your move. This can be a room or just a corner section of your dining area. There you will collect your boxes, packing paper and moving tape. Be sure to pick up a few black magic markers to use when identifying each of your boxes. Purchase a dedicated notebook or journal in order to organize your move as well as to record an inventory of your belongings. It is best to organize your belongings into categories.

Categories for Belongings

When you begin to organize, start with smaller items while leaving the big items like furniture or gym equipment till last.

Select several medium sized boxes that you mark as KEEP, SELL or DONATE. Place a group of boxes in each of your rooms as you travel throughout your home, making the choices for each box. Any KEEP box should also be identified by the room from which it came.

Before you place any of the items into a box, be sure to secure them with packing paper or else bubble wrap, carefully assessing the weight of each item before placing it atop another, to ensure no breakage by excessive weight on those items underneath.

Once you have completed a box, your sorted items should go to a designated storage area in your home, such as a garage or dedicated room. There, you should also dedicate an area for each of your three categories. It would be helpful to create and post the signs: KEEP, SELL and DONATE in the dedicated area so that when it’s time to move, the items will not be mixed up.

Essentials Boxes

Additionally, you will need to dedicate several boxes to ESSENTIALS; one for each major room. This is where you will place things that you will need to use just prior to and after your move.

Personal Essentials

A PERSONAL ESSENTIALS box would include such things as toiletries, medicines, changes of clothing or else a personal journal with a writing utensil. This would also be a good place to include your personal papers.

Kitchen Essential

You will also need a KITCHEN ESSENTIALS where you will place cooking utensils, one or two small pan, or any food type items you will need throughout your move.

Bathroom Essentials

Though you will have assigned your toiletries to your Personal Essentials, a BATHROOM ESSENTIALS box would include several towels, soaps, and even cleaning products, to name a few.

When each of your essential boxes is filled, DO NOT place them in your dedicated storage area with the rest of your boxes. Rather, keep them in the room they originated from, for use until you move. When the day arrives for you to move, simply let the movers know your ESSENTIALS BOXES are to be designated as FIFO [First In - First Out].

After your small items have been boxed, then go about your home, placing KEEP, SELL or DONATE stickers on your larger items.

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