If you are like most people when they move, the excess and overflow of your move ends up in the garage. But the time comes when you must face the music and tackle the job of organizing your garage.


Organizing your garage doesn’t need to be done all at once. This can be an ongoing project, since it is such a huge undertaking. So first and foremost, you should schedule time to do this. I would say, start out by setting aside a weekend. Watch your weather forecast, because you certainly don’t want to be cleaning your garage on a rainy day.


A garage is a huge task and usually includes heavy items. Thus, it is best to get a few extra people to help. If you don’t have family that you can ask, then it is best to hire someone, preferably someone you know and trust. If hiring a helper, you should list the work you will be requiring of them ahead of time.


Please refer to our recently posted blog entitled Downsizing Your Garage Tools for a Move. This is a follow-up to that blog since it is best to de-clutter your belongings before organizing them. Items on this list of necessary items to discard could include such things as old appliances, unused bicycles and bicycle parts, unused exercise equipment, old paint, old unused furniture, etc.


A big part of organizing your garage is to determine exactly what you want to do with the space inside your garage. With the use of sidewalk chalk, you can mark off areas, such as how much space your car will take or where you want your workbench to go.

You may want to consider and group together the following items [other than your vehicle] into individual areas or zones:

  • Automotive supplies

  • Lawn/Gardening tools/supplies

  • Pool equipment

  • Sports equipment/fitness equipment

  • Bicycles/Large recreational items

  • Camping gear

  • Workbench/tools

  • Storage: seasonal furniture, seasonal holiday, household excess


I suggest three major areas in your garage could be car parking, workshop and storage areas.

First, let’s break down the actual real estate available in a garage:

  • Walls space – after determining your wall space, go about collecting shelving and cabinets to fit this area for storage space.

  • Overhead space: many items can be stored in the space overhead in a garage by using durable overhead storage racks. This is a good place for bicycles, car roof racks, out of season patio furniture, holiday decorations, or sports/camping equipment.

The following organizational tools will be helpful:

  • Sturdy metal shelving

  • Peg Boards

  • Plastic Containers (bins and covers)

  • Canvas storage bags

  • Multi-drawer storage containers: nuts, bolts, nails, etc.

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