Organizational skills and a discerning eye

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

A Senior Move Manager is an invaluable tool when you are moving. To coordinate the many aspects of a move requires not only organizational skills but a discerning eye. One of the dilemmas faced when downsizing is deciding what to keep and what to give away. It is difficult to place a price on memories. Sometimes items are overvalued because of sentimental attachment. One of the skills a Senior Move Manager develops is the ability to fairly assess the value of household items.

Missy Donaghy is a Senior Move Manager. She has honed her skills and developed a discerning eye towards furniture and belongings. She carefully watches the estate sales and furniture appraisal trends. This attention to the furniture marketplace allows Missy to effectively, yet gently, explain why it is necessary to part with long treasured items. When a parent wants to pass large family furniture and heirlooms on to their children, at times the children simply do not want the item. It is too bulky, doesn’t fit their design scheme or will be difficult to transport. Turning down such offers from a parent of the family furniture can seem daunting to a child. Having an outsider explain that the item needs to be sold or donated can make it easier and aid the separation from the item. Assessing only the best and most loved items, taking photos of artwork and donating cherished items are among the tools Interiors for Seniors uses to downsize a home.

Dining room set

Change can be very scary, especially if one is moving from a house they have occupied for 30+ years. One way to work through this fear is to realize that these are only possessions, they do not embody the memory. By giving away these items, you are opening up a new chapter in your life. Missy's experience time and again is that there is trepidation at first. She finds that it makes it easier if the resident(s) being downsized aren't there for the entire process. Having a child or friend take the homeowner shopping or out to lunch can assuage some of the anxiety. With very rare exception, when the reveal of the newly moved and decorated living space occurs, there are exclamations of surprise and joy. All of the employees who work on a move relish the "big reveal". It literally will make hairs stand on your arm from feeling the happiness.

When choosing a Senior Move Manager, be sure to ask for State licensing and State mandated insurance. Request references and examples of past work. Interiors for Seniors has been in business for over a decade and is committed to the Senior Citizen community of Central Florida.


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