This article will be two-fold consisting of New Technology and Old Technology.

PART ONE: New Technology

In 2017, HomeCare Magazine published an article entitled “The Top 10 Technologies Devices for Seniors.”[i] Here are a few of the devices that sounded good:

  • BeClose, 866-574-1784, Tracks an elderly loved one's daily routine. Caregivers are able to check on them at any time using a private, secure web page.

  • GrandCare Systems LLC, 262-338-6147, The GrandCare System is connected to any dedicated Internet connection and communicates with “wireless” sensors throughout the residence. Designated caregivers can log into the GrandCare website to send communications to their loved one, view activity and tele-wellness sensor information and customize the automatic caregiver alerts.

  • MobileHelp, 800-800-1710, MobileHelp, The Anywhere Help Button, is a GPS mobile personal emergency response system. It enables users to summon emergency help anytime, anywhere with a single button press. No contract required; 30-day risk-free trial.

  • Reminder Rosie Voice-Controlled Alarm Clock I found this nice item at The Alzheimer’s Store website. Their description states: “This twenty-five alarm voice-control reminder clock is the new cutting edge product in keeping the patient independent longer! The caregiver can record messages to be played at preset times in their own voice and in any language they choose. In addition to medication reminders, Rosie will verbally remind listener of housekeeping and shopping chores, to name a few.”

However, new technology is not just confined to monitoring your loved ones. Though that is a great thing, your senior may just want to have fun. And fun for seniors is mostly staying in touch with their family and friends.

Consider the following for the purposes of communication:

  • Telikin, 800-230-3881, Telikin is a simple and easy-to-use family computer that combines video chat, photo sharing, e-mail and other popular features into a sleek, touchscreen device. The screen comes in two sizes: 18” or 20” screen.

  • TV Ears Inc., 888-883-3277, TV Ears helps people with hearing loss hear the television clearly without turning up the volume. With TV Ears technology, users can set their own headset volume and tone while others around them set the television volume to their preferred level.

  • Though this is not a technological device, the CaringBridge website really caught my eye and tugged at my heart. CaringBridge is “primarily used during a health crisis. Family and friends log on to get progress reports and sign up for assignments. The iPhone and iPad app synchronize to a website.”[ii]

PART TWO: Old Technology

The second part will have to do with the old adage “out with the old and in with the new.” So, I’ll make this short. When it comes to the majority of old technology: JUST TOSS IT! ☺

Unless you have spent the better part of your life on a mountain top far, far away, I’m certain you understand how rapidly technology is changing.

This leaves us with a literal graveyard of old technology, mostly hiding in our attics, garages or back bedroom closet. When once “out of sight out of mind” worked for you, now that you are about to move, it is time to face the music. Old computers, video game consoles, dead and buried media players such as VCRs or Cassette players should be addressed.

For information on how to get rid of these items, see out blog: How to Get Rid of Stuff Before You Move


“Good Communication is the bridge between clarity and confusion.” ~Nat Turner~

[i] “Top 10 Technology Devices for Seniors.” HomeCare Magazine, 18 July 2017,

[ii] Abrahms, Sally. “Best Tech Gadgets for Seniors and Grandparents.” Senior Assisted Living Guides: Find Senior Care A Place for Mom, 18 June 2018,


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