Now that you have arrived at your new location, you have a lot of organizing to do. Plus, though you may have downsized your belongings prior to the move, you probably still have a lot of things that need to be stored.

Remember, storage space is where we compartmentalize our household so that our home makes sense. It’s where we can easily obtain the things we use as often as every day well as those items that we use occasionally. Let’s try breaking your home down into rooms and see if some of these ideas might not work in your home.


Bathrooms usually come with a certain amount of storage for your linens. They usually include a storage area under the sink for your cleaning products as well as a medicine cabinet for both over-the-counter as well as prescription medications.

What you don’t usually find in a bathroom is a good storage area for your cosmetics, toiletries and first aid items.

  • First Aid Storage

Though some first aid can go into your medicine cabinet, some items are too large. Plus, it helps to have your first aid products in one place. A good idea is to obtain a plastic case, such as a tool or fishing box. There you can put all you necessary first aid items. This type of box will fit easily into your linen cabinet or even under your bathroom sink.

  • Cosmetics/Toiletries Storage

  • Try using an over the toilet shelf to store cosmetics/toiletries in your bathroom. These shelves come in all sorts of interesting designs to choose from and to fit into your present bathroom décor.

  • Another good idea is to hang a basket on your wall next to your vanity. There you can store your brushes, combs, etc.

  • An old picture frame or a decorative tray placed on the vanity can work well for a storage/organization area for your cosmetics.

  • Cleaning Products – use a deep plastic dish pan for storing your cleaning products under the bathroom sink. This is a handy way to merely pull out the pan, like a drawer, and select your product. It is also a way of keeping the cleaning products collected together and separate from your other storage items under the sink.


When organizing your kitchen, try to make it fun. You can even let the “inner artist” come out when thinking of ways to store your kitchen items.

  • The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of organizing my kitchen is ‘Spice Rack’. Yep, there a many designs out there for you to choose from for your particular space. Try doing a Google search for DIY “spice rack ideas” in places like Etsy or Pinterest. They will have lots of cute picture ideas for you on this topic.

  • A quart mason jar can be used to store your plastic or wooden cooking utensils.

  • Inexpensive drawer dividers work well when organizing eating utensils as well as cooking utensils.

  • A metal bar hung on the wall and a purchase of some sturdy metal hooks is a good idea for hanging your pots and pans.

  • Vertical dividers inside your under cabinets work well for slipping pan tops, baking pans, cutting boards.

  • A decorative display of your coffee mugs can be arranged on a wall with the help of coffee mug holders. Another storage idea for mugs would be an under the shelf mug holder placed inside your cabinet.


  • Try using plastic storage container that fits under your bed for storing out of season clothing. Large, heavy duty plastic zip bags are also sold for this purpose.

  • Racks on the inside of your closet door is a good place to store your shoes or purses

  • Invest in a trunk that can go in the corner or else at the foot of your bed in order to store your blankets or clothing

  • Dividers in your dresser drawers are great ways to organize and store socks, stockings or other clothing items

  • A hanging organizer works well in your closet. This is usually inexpensive.

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