Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Grandparents Day is right around the corner!!! It is always celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day. So mark this Sunday, September 8, 2019 on your calendar as the day to honor your grandparents.


Grandparents Day was first “created by Marian McQuade before 1973. However, it wouldn’t be recognized as a holiday on a State level until March 27th, 1973 when it became recognized by West Virginia. Thanks to President Jimmy Carter and Senators Robert Byrd and Jennings Randolph introducing official legislation into the Senate, it officially became a national holiday on August 3rd, 1978.”

The statute making Grandparents Day a holiday lists the three purposes of this holiday:

  1. To commemorate and pay respect to grandparents,

  2. To recognize the importance that older people can have on the lives of the young, and

  3. To give said grandparents the opportunity to show love and support for their children’s children.


The flower known as a Forget Me Not has traditionally been used as a symbol of Grandparents Day. Thus, actual flowers or a card with Forget Me Nots on it is a good way to recognize your grandparents. A child can easily create a card with forget me nots on it. It is merely a pink, pale blue or else white flower with five petals. Below is an image of a forget me not to assist you in drawing or painting a “forget me not” flower.

Create an “I love you because” card

  • Learn about their hobby so that you can talk to them about it

  • Find out their favorite song and sing or play it for them

  • Make them their favorite dessert.

  • Cook a family recipe together


If your grandparents have passed, then it is a beautiful idea to place forget me nots or some other flower on their grave in remembrance.

If you do not have a grandparent to honor, why not adopt a grandparent for the day. There are many seniors who also are missing grandchildren in their lives. Why not choose a facility and make a senior a special person in your lives? Consider the following: there are many elderly who have been relocated from disaster areas, such as Puerto Rico and now the Bahamas after the devastation left by Hurricane Dorian. Think of their need to have a loving, caring family who will at least recognize them on days such as Grandparents Day (who may have lost their own families). You do not have to limit your attention to them to just Grandparents Day. You may find you have made a new friendship.

REMEMBER: when you honor your grandparents, you are also creating a memory

“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.” ~Author Unknown~

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