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Need a break from your recent move? Can’t afford to go to concerts or simply not able to attend? Have no fear. My mom says she LOVES YOUTUBE. She goes to concerts all the time... right in her home. There are many concerts that are of a better quality on Youtube then if you actually did attend it. You get the multi-camera shots and close ups that are just not possible to view when you are actually there. Of course, it does not and never will replace to experience of actually being at a live performance. But it is certainly very enjoyable.

So grab your favorite beverage and snack and sit back to enjoy a world of concerts at your finger tips. Just click on the artist’s name or song listed below and you will be taken to that link.


This excellent quality video of the Battle of Swing – Benny Goodman vs. Glenn Miller, hosted by John Packer, Ltd. is an iconic recreation of a Carnegie Hall swing concert from 1938.


Here is the iconic singer, Tony Bennett’s official video of his full concert at the Newport Jazz Festival in 2002. This Youtube provides a set list under the video. The list includes the time within the 1:08:23 video where each song begins. For instance, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” begins 26 minutes and 19 seconds into the video (0:26:19).


This video features the extraordinary talents of pianist William Joseph, violinist Caroline Campbell and cellist Tina Guo performing Dick Dale’s famous song, “Miserlou”.

Sending out a tribute to Dick Dale who passed in March 2019:

You were a master of your craft. RIP Dick Dale.


The Queen of Soul! Who can ever forget her? Watch her in this 2014 live performance on The Letterman Show of a “Rolling in the Deep” (Adele cover) and “Ain’t No Mountain High” medley. Want more Aretha? Here is an official full concert of her at the Fillmore West from 1971.

If the prospect of a relocation has given you the blues, put on a YouTube concert and get shaking and get MOVIN' !!

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