Tips for Moving your Houseplants

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Plants are an important part of many people’s lives. Upon entering the home for a new move, it is immediately apparent if the person is a plant lover. Interiors for Seniors has seen what looks like jungles of plants in peoples homes at times. What’s not to love? Plants detoxify our air, clean pollutants from our surroundings and provide a wonderful outlet for nurturing feelings. Interiors for Seniors strives to preserve the ambiance of a client’s home. Plants are one of the major ways we can accomplish that. Here are a few ideas on how to prepare your green friends for relocation.

Prior to the move:

  • Consider the size of your new home, what plants will fit comfortably?

  • Which plants are the easiest to care for or have the most sentimental attachment?

  • Re-pot plants from clay pots into shatter-proof plastic pots of the same size if they are too large or cumbersome.

  • Take a cutting from a particularly large plant and repot it to fit in your new environment

  • Prune back your leaves and stems (not ferns or succulents)

  • Check for any bugs or parasites

“If you must move plants during the summer, keep them out of the sun and wind. The root ball must be kept moist and replanting as soon as possible is advised. It is also wise to go ahead and prepare the new planting site before you arrive so that your plants can go in the ground as soon as possible. If you move plants during the fall or winter, it isn’t quite as critical to move so fast; however, the sooner the better. Consider transporting flowers, shrubs and trees in a closed vehicle, such as a truck, to avoid wind damage. If you will be traveling some distance, check the moisture levels of plants when you stop.”

Read more at Gardening Know How: Moving Plants To Another Home: How To Relocate Plants Safely

The day of the move:

Interiors for Seniors will expertly move all of your plants and greenery. You simply tell us which plants you want to take with you. Once at the new home, Missy Donaghy. Owner/operator will help you determine an optimal location for your houseplants. Don’t move your plants around too much for the first few weeks as they need to acclimate to the new environment. Following these simple tips will ensure that your plants arrive in a verdant condition.

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