If you own a game arcade, consider me jealous. The memory of game arcades is a throwback to time when there were no video games, not to mention computers. I only wish that any of my four teenage boys would take an interest in them instead of always being on the computer. In the past, one’s “gang of friends” would go to the local arcade and play. Think the Fonz era or the reference to the time of arcade games in songs like Pinball Wizard by the great British Band, The Who. Whatever your interest, it is a great nostalgic way to have fun “gaming.”

pinball machine

However, if you go to move one of these mammoth items then there is more to know than just shoving it into a truck and taking it to your new home. These expensive treasures are made with complicated mechanisms and must be handled properly when moving. While you may be able to accomplish this on your own (with the help of a few friends, of course). You would probably be better off having a professional move it for you. Here is why. You be the judge.

How to Move an Arcade:

  • If it has a detachable power cable, disconnect it from the machine and put it aside. Otherwise, be sure to unplug your machine and secure the cord.

  • Remove the front glass to remove the coinbox and the pinballs (or any other loose or movable pieces in the system). This should be done carefully. Then set the glass aside in a safe place. Your machine should indicate how many balls are in the machine for your removal count.

  • Before moving forward, lift up the playing field and check for any movable parts inside. If you so find any, secure or remove them. Put the playing field back in place and return the glass cover to the top of the machine.

  • Be certain that the back glass is in the locked position which secures the face plate in proper position.

  • Next, you need to fold the head of the machine (that’s the top back portion of the game) over and onto the playfield of the machine. Watch for any attached cable or whatever, as you carefully bring this down. Before doing this, have two small pieces of cardboard to lay on the side railing so the head won’t damage the side rails.

  • Now you will need to have roller of plastic wrap (or else rachet straps) to wrap the machine (if you do use rachet straps, please use some protective cardboard under the straps where to keep them from damaging your machine.) As you see, plastic wrap is the preferrable method as it won’t damage your machine. Wrap it complete around the top to underneath so the head is secured to the face plate/body of machine.

  • At this point, you will need a 5/8” wrench (with ratchet preferably) and a stool (or its equivalent) that is slightly taller than your game itself. Lift and place the back side of the game on the stool and remove its back legs.

  • Carefully lift the back off the stool and sit the back of the game to the floor.

  • Next you will go to the front of the system and easily set the system on its backend in order to remove the front legs of the system.

  • Use a hand truck to cart it out the door and up the ramp of the moving truck.

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