Moving with Friends

Interiors for Seniors is a complete moving company. We bring the supplies, packers and movers to your location, expertly pack all your belongings then transport them to your new home. Once there, we unpack all of the items and recreate your home environment as closely as possible to the one you just moved from. It may seem that there isn’t much to do since our company does it all, however there are some important elements that your friends can help you with.

Friends helping move

Support – When you are downsizing, the emotions can become very fraught. Trying to sort through years of accumulated memories is overwhelming. A trusted friend can help you reminisce while also passing along extra items that will not fit in your new home.

Humor – Often times a friend can see the silly and humorous side of life whilst we are embroiled in the emotion. Having a good belly laugh with a friend helps to ease the tension and allows one to look at the whole picture.

Change of venue – A friend can be there to help take you out of the temporary moving environment. Taking a trip to the store or having lunch at a restaurant are wonderful ways for a friend to lift your spirit during move day.

Clothing giveaway – Have a friend help you sort through all of your clothing. After you have determined the pieces you no longer can use, hold a fun afternoon tea party and let your friends chose some of your gently worn items.

Helping to organize and run a garage sale – Yard sales can sometimes be tedious; however they are so much more fun when you have a friend or two join you. Make it an event by squeezing fresh lemonade or making baked treats to enjoy during the sale.

Fun after the sale - After the garage sale, go out for a meal or order pizzas and watch a movie with your sales associates.

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