When moving, oversized items are considered specialty items. That is, they are items that require special care and attention when relocating them to your new home. By example, specialty items would include such things as aquariums, terrariums, large animal cages, safes, vaults, arcade games, and the such.


However, moving oversized items is not just a matter of the exaggerated sizes of the above-listed items. Knowing how to move oversized items can also be a matter of health and safety. I am referring here to how one should approach moving items that are beyond your means.

How to Properly Move Heavy Boxes

Properly moving anything is the key to keep your back from breaking (or from pulling any number of muscles unnecessarily, for that matter.)

Proper lifting is a matter of understanding. Many businesses post warning signs that include the following information:

  • Right way:

  • feet should be a shoulder width apart

  • one foot slightly ahead of the other,

  • squat down: bending at the hips and knees only

  • back kept straight as possible

  • load close to the body

  • grip box at opposite corners

  • lift slowly, do not twist or turn as you lift

  • sit load down, squatting with knees and hips only

  • Wrong way:

  • legs straight

  • back bent (puts all the strain on the muscles of the back and abdomen)

  • never lift heavy objects above your shoulders

  • do not twist or turn while moving a heavy object, rather let your feet guide you in the proper direction

How to Move Oversized Specialty Items:

Most items in this list would need special equipment and special know-how in order to move them properly. Also, be aware that moving an oversized item is more costly since you will need extra manpower to move it.

Specialty tools for moving oversized objects include:

  • lifting straps: an example of this would be lifting objects such as grand pianos out of upstairs windows; works on a pulley system

  • Dollies: most of us are familiar with this specialty tool.

  • Stair rollers: as the name implies, this is an excellent moving tool for moving heavy objects down steps and generally requires the help of one or more persons to guide the object while moving it

  • Glides: used for moving heavy objects across floors (excellent for saving wooden and tiled floors, etc.)

We have previously posted blogs on several specific oversized/specialty items. Please refer to them for additional information):

  • Pianos (How to Relocate Your Grand Piano to a Second Floor posted March 21, 2001) or

  • Safes (How Do You Move A Large Heavy Safe posted February 2, 2021)

  • Arcade Games (watch for our up-and-coming blog Moving Your Game Arcade).

Remember, before moving any oversized item on your own, call us and ask for an estimate on what it would cost. Your back will thank you.

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