There are many reasons people have for moving whether it be for a job relocation, to be closer to their family or even just wanting a change of scenery. As a senior citizen, you may want to downgrade from a larger home to a smaller retirement home. If you have been in down in the dumps about being unable to keep up with your current amount of square feet in your home, a downgrade would certainly be in order for you. Moving could give you a new lease on life and an upgrade for your mental health. Whatever your reason, though some maybe hesitant, change can be good. And it has been proven that a change of location can be healthy for both your body and your mental state.

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Stress has been defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” We all have stress in our life. Some stress is more manageable than others and some stress can be eliminated altogether by taking action to change a situation. The stress of trying to keep up with a home that is out of your physical capability to keep up with can lead to stress. You may be worried about where the money will come from for an unscheduled maintenance repair or even who will fix that repair. Perhaps you are no longer able to ambulate as well as you used to. So, you worry about how you are going to vacuum that big living room or mow the lawn. All of this can lead to stress.

Relocating to a new living space will give you that breath of fresh air you have been longing for. If you downgrade and move to a residential living facility, you will not have to worry about maintenance repairs and lawn care.


Perhaps you have felt homebound and bored with your current surroundings. A nice caveat to be had from moving is that you get to experience new things. Though you will certainly miss your old friends, in moving you have the opportunity to meet new ones. Meeting new friends will bring your new perspectives on life as you each share your interests. These shared interests can lead to opportunities for new adventures as you and your new acquaintance explore them together. As you continue to branch out from your fresh location, you will find new places to shop and restaurants to dine in. All of these adventures and challenges can be a great catalyst for keeping you mentally alert and healthy.

“Set peace in your mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” Brian Tracy (motivational speaker)

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