When it’s time to move, you have many things on your mind. A gentle reminder of some of the dos or don’ts seems important, so I felt I should share a few with you.

DO #1

I have said so many times before that you definitely need to thin out your belongings before its time to pack. This is a task that takes much time and thought and is better done when others aren’t around. You certainly don’t want to thin out your belongs on the day of the move. For Tips on how to downsize refer to our previous blog: The Great Bric-A-Brac Purge.

DO #2

When it’s time for your transition, you will want to have an essentials box or bag that is handy for you to get to so that you don’t have to scramble through all the packed boxes for them. This would include personal daily items (changes of clothing, personal hygiene items and even a book or a convenient pass time to help you relax in between moving activities). It will also include important papers, and medications.

DON’T #1

I think the first “DON’T” topic almost goes without saying, but is a common occurrence when we are in the throes of the task of moving. That is, don’t leave everything until the last minute. This is a tempting thing to do, but you will find that if you wait until the last minute, everything will fall like dominos on you. Most of us underestimate the amount of belongings we have. This is because in our day to day lives, we don’t see them. Many items that need to be packed are hidden and tucked away inside drawers and cabinets. The sorting and packing of these “hidden items” could literally take you weeks. This is another place where the ‘moving bible” [for planning your move] we mentioned a few weeks ago will come in handy (See our previous blog: Time Saving Moving Tips for information on this).

DON’T #2

This next DON’T is a companion to not leaving things to the last minute and that is, don’t be afraid to ask for help. We move through life, hoping we can be independent and wanting to not bother others with things that are not necessarily their responsibility. Believe it or not, many people are happy to help someone in need. This is especially so if they are family and most especially if you are an elderly person. They thing here is, don’t wait until the last minute to ask for help when you are close to the deadline for your move and are exhausted. Be sure to ask someone to help in enough time to give them “running room” to clear their schedule for you. You can sweeten the deal, by offering to make a great meal (chili is good) or buying pizza and soda. This is particularly helpful if you are short of funds from the expense of a move. Also, if they are family, you can set aside some belongings you will no longer need (or are available from your downsizing) and tell them they can go through the discarded items and take what they feel they can use.

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