Moving Day Hydration Tips


When moving to your new location, especially in the summer, it’s important to think ahead and have something refreshing to drink on hand. It may seem easier to just reach for a can of soda, but did you know the sugar and caffeine in soda pulls fluids from your body and adds to dehydration?

Though a small amount of coffee or tea is fine, one needs to limit their intake since both can cause dehydration as well. That, together with certain medications may add to fluid loss. Learn to recognize the signs of dehydrations:

“If you suspect dehydration in an elderly loved one, you can check for a decrease in skin turgor by pulling up the skin on the back of the hand for a few seconds. If it does not return to normal almost immediately, the person is dehydrated.”

Of course, water is always necessary to consume when you are sweating from a move, but when you want something a little more than water, why not fill your tumbler with a refreshing cold fruit drink.

Here are few ideas from Taste of Home that will be sure to satisfy your thirst (and all sugar-free):

  • Fruit-Infused Water

  • Strawberry, Lemon, mint

  • Apricots, raspberry, mint

  • Apple, lemon, carrot

  • Cucumber (or with added strawberry)

  • Orange, lime

  • Strawberry, pineapple

  • Orange, kiwi

  • Watermelon

Directions for Making Infused Water:

Place the sliced fruits and/or vegetables (together with optional mint leaves) in a glass jar, pour in water to cover. Drink right away or chill and enjoy later for a fuller taste.

Remember to stay hydrated during your move. It is easy to underestimate the amount of energy needed even for a passive move. 8 glasses of water or sugar free liquid is recommended for a regular day, when you are moving and energized you need to increase this amount a bit, by an additional 8 ozs.

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