If you have ever watched movies like Cheaper by The Dozen (BTW a true story) or Max Keeble's Moving Day, you have gotten a good laugh out of the mishaps that can occur during a move. Granted all moving mishaps are not funny. However, in retrospect, sometimes they can be humorous if the end result is as the old bard himself suggested: "All's well, that ends well."

My heart goes out to the movers and packers who may or may not encounter the following circumstances when attempting to do their job.

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If you have a scheduled move, it is best that you are up and ready for the movers. On one particular day, we had already been given the key and permission to enter a client’s home, with the understanding they would leaving early for work and to let ourselves in. Once inside, we decided to work in the kitchen and went about working. It wasn’t until about an hour later that the client walked out to make his morning coffee and was surprised by our presence. It seems that he had hit the snooze button and since he hadn’t had his morning coffee yet, was more than surprised that he had overslept. Needless to say, our client was also late for work.


There are many people who are eccentric in this world, Of course, there is nothing wrong with this. By definition, eccentric is merely a person who deviates from an established or usual pattern or style. Moving an eccentric person can be both surprising enlightening. Surprising because it can at times take you off guard when you see the various lifestyles that others have, especially if they are different from your own. Enlightening because it will expand your view of the world and those in it.

I say this to say that one humorous move I heard of was about a mover whose client embraced a vampire-like lifestyle. The artifacts that graced his home were of the vampire variety, something like what you would see as the backdrop to an Elvira movie. The real clincher here was that instead of a bed, the client had a coffin in his bedroom. Upon questioning him, he claimed that it was relaxing and he never had to worry about the light waking him up in the day time, since most of his activities were at night. OOO-Spooky.


One day *John and Jill, two packers who are expecting a regular day, arrive at the job to begin preparing their client’s belongings for a move. A nice couple opens the door and smiles, but it was apparent they were nervous. The movers chalked this up to “moving day jitters” and went about packing in separate rooms. About 30 minutes later, Jill hears John yelling out expletives (#@#!!) and sees him run out of the room with a frightful look on is face. The mystery of the couple’s nervousness was from their not wanting to disclose that they had lost their pet snake in the house. John had discovered it in the bottom of the waterbed frame when he was dismantling it. Throughout his life, John retold this story to many of his friends, mostly as he was laughing. But at the time, it wasn’t that funny!

*John and Jill are fictious names

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