We all have our routines. However, once those routines are interrupted, we begin to feel uncomfortable. This is especially true when one moves into a new home. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you see the stacks of unpacked boxes and heaps of ‘who knows what’ on every surface.

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Know that there is a way out of this maze. What I have here is a list of how you can systematically move through your essential belongings without feeling overwhelmed by the rest of things being out of place. The first thing to remember is that your new home will not get organized overnight. Statistics suggest it takes the average person 6 months to fully unpack.


To begin with, you should start with your essentials’ boxes. Hopefully, you have followed some of the advice in a previous blog entitled ORGANIZING YOUR BELONGINGS FOR A MOVE where we discuss packing an essentials box. Therefore, within your essentials’ boxes, you should have all those things that will bring you comfort. This would most likely be the items that go in your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.


The bathroom is probably the first place you will want to organize. By equipping your bathroom with all the essential items, you can be sure your most basic needs are met. This would include toilet tissue, bath and hand soaps, shampoos and conditioners as well as dental care items. Hanging a hand towel, bath towel and shower curtain should be next. Leave a stack of washcloths out until you have organized your linen closet. Note: Be sure to sanitize your bathroom prior to unpacking any items.


The kitchen is a big place to tackle. It is also one of the places that you will definitely frequent throughout your day. Therefore, you will want to set up a temporary arrangement to keep up with your daily meals. Prior to your move, you should have set up a kitchen essentials box as well as a personal essentials box. This box would include a select amount eating utensils, a frying pan, a sauce pan, dishes and bowls and a can opener. Also included in your kitchen essentials should be paper towels, kitchen towels and dish soap. A garbage can is also a good idea to have set up in your kitchen. Note: Be sure to sanitize your kitchen prior to unpacking any items.


Of course, you are going to be exhausted after a move, so prior to getting to the point where you are completely drained of energy, it would be a good idea to put the bedsheets on your bed. Next, go ahead and hang your clothing in the closet. You can organize them later. But simply hanging them (even if they are still in clothes bags) should give you a head start on getting to your outfits. By the way, go ahead and start a drawer for your personal items such as underclothing, and night wear.

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