Meditation is Helpful

Interiors for Seniors is an advocate for dementia and Alzheimer’s help. Researching about useful techniques, we have found that meditation can be very helpful for calming the mind and promoting better health and well-being.

meditating senior woman

“When Dr. Stephanie Cheng conducts health exams with older adult patients, she often goes beyond reviewing their medications and determining treatment plans. Cheng incorporates meditation exercises into the visits. "If I notice they are overwhelmed or have emotional distress, I may do a brief meditation exercise with them, just so they can be exposed to it as a tool to feel a greater sense of well-being," says Cheng, a palliative care physician in the division of geriatrics at the University of California—San Francisco.”

“Meditation is associated with many psychological and physical benefits. "In general, it's been shown to decrease blood pressure and inflammation. And there's some data around improving coronary artery disease outcomes and helping with post-traumatic stress disorder”


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