Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you don’t have options for storage. I thought we would explore those options in this blog today.

Before we even get started with some of our exciting options, I will say, that if you find you have a smaller kitchen than the one you had prior to a move, it would be best if you made a go at downsizing your kitchen items to match your space. That said, we are going to try our best to make room for all of your favorite kitchen tools so that they can fit into your new home.


Creating more space may sound like I’m asking you to do a magic trick, but really it is all about utilizing your existing space with the use of shelving, and a few tricks.

  • Ikea has a great stainless-steel kitchen system that can fit right under your cabinet or else above a stove. With a combination of shelves, hooks and a magnetic knife holder, this system is budgeted for your pocketbook.

  • An over-the-sink cutting board is helpful for adding additional counter space and is convenient for any scraps to be pushed right over into the disposal.

  • Cut a few triangles from a board and strategically mount them in a corner of your kitchen for extra storage space.


  • Creating a space for your pans, cutting boards and other items that are essentially flat and can “hug” against a wall is a good idea. Simply purchase the correct size cup hook for the weight and screw it into the wall.

  • A peg board is also a good idea for hanging kitchen items. This can be painted to match your kitchen or else color-contrasted for a more dramatic effect.

  • An additional way to hang your pots would be to get a hanging rack and attach it to the ceiling.

  • A sturdy curtain rod can be used over a window for a vertical hanging space for kitchen utensils.

  • Although it’s not my favorite, you can utilize your oven space for storage in a pinch. Just remember: Don’t preheat the oven until you have removed your cookware.


  • The use of wire shelf risers is a great idea for expanding the space inside a cabinet. If organized correctly, you can almost double the cabinet space. The wire risers will allow you to put your items in full view so that you won’t have to pull things out to get to something you need that’s in the back of the cabinet.

  • Drawer dividers work the best for organizing inside of your drawers. They come in various sizes and will make cooking a pleasure again, since your cooking utensils are readily available. No more shuffling through your drawers to find that measuring spoon. It will have its very own space.

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