Since March is National Nutrition Month, I thought we would focus this month on a series of blogs dedicated to nutrition. This week will be concentrating on reviews of books dedicated to nutrition and natural remedies associated with nutrition. Though there is a plethora of nutrition books on the market, I want to share a few of the books I personally refer to as well as several that are on my wish list.


Back to Eden

The first book that comes to mind is Back to Eden. Chocked full of information on how to have a natural diet, herb identification and general holistic living this book, by author Jethro Kloss, was first published in 1939. Since then it has been lauded as the holistic bible my many. I was introduced to this book as a child which subsequently found its way onto my own bookshelf. In addition, it is deemed an ultimate survival guide since it contains an extensive guide to medicinal herbs, remedies and nutritional know-how.

Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing & Prescriptions for Herbal Healing

Gracing my bookshelf for some time now are Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing by Phyliss A. Balch (a certified nutritional consultant) and a companion book she co-authored, Prescriptions for Herbal Healing. These are two must-haves for your nutritional book library. Both books have information on a variety of alternative healing and preventive therapies.

In particular, Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing has an A-to-Z reference of illnesses for easy look up. It also “discusses how Omega-3 and exercise may be helpful for those suffering from Alzheimer’s.”

Prescriptions for Herbal Healing likewise has an “easy A-to-Z format” with information on herbs and herbal formulas for health and healing, including over 150 common disorders with suggested treatment.


How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease by Michael Greger, M.D. and Gene Stone.

This book is available in all formats, including Kindle. The author, Michael Geger, M.D. indicates there is a vast majority of preventable and reversible diseases.

He states many could live well past 100 years if they paid attention to their nutritional intake. Dr. Greger also has a website, NutritionFacts ( that has up-to-date news on nutrition and is designed to help you make a healthy choice in matters of food consumption.

Diet and Nutrition: A Holistic Approach by Rudolph M. Ballentine, M.D.

This book, also available in all formats, gives the reader a view of both scientific research and cross-culture data regarding nutrition. It is a survey of clinical facts and traditional approaches to healing that first surfaced in the East. In this book, Dr. Ballentine “resolves conflicting views on such controversial issues as the link between modern diet, cancer, and heart disease;” to name a few.

Clean (The Enhanced Edition): The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself, by Alejandro Junger, M.D.

This book, which has an enhanced edition that includes audio and video, was authored by a New York cardiologist, Dr. Junger. In there, he “argues that the majority of common ailments are the direct result of toxic build-up in our systems accumulated through the course of our daily lives.” According to Dr. Junger, this fact is due to the “toxicities of modern life and disrupt our daily lives.” Dr. Junger not only indicates that, though these toxins are unavoidable for the most part, he has a solution.

For a peek into the thoughts of Dr. Junger, watch this Youtube:

“Dr. Alejandro Junger Discusses Toxins in Foods and Meds and Clean Program.”

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