The Reward is in the Work

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Senior relocation involves both physical and emotional aspects. A balance between the two is what ensures a successful move.

Working as a relocation specialist is a very rewarding job. Providing physical support by assisting in the sorting, packing and unpacking is just one part of the job. Giving emotional support is equally as important and vastly under-rated.

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Interiors for Seniors Logo

Seeing the smiles and happiness at the end of the move is THE REWARD! The joy on a happy clients face is the best part of our workday!!

Moving is stressful enough when you are leaving a residence where you have lived only a few years. Many of our relocations involve residents who have had the same address for 3 or 4 decades. It's vastly overwhelming to decide which treasures to take to the new home and which can be passed on to loved ones or donated to a worthwhile charity. Our expert attention to detail will ensure an easy transition and a comfortable move. Helping to alleviate this stress and provide peace of mind is a kudo to all involved in the process.

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