Everyone needs a retreat from the world. Simply put, a retreat is “a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.” Isn’t that what we are all looking for in our home… a place where you can rest and relax?

Did you know that when you move, you can make your new location a retreat? There’s no need to go away to the mountains or lakeside in order to be in a great atmosphere. You can create that ambience in your home. Oh sure, you can’t bring the mountains or lake to your home, but you can certainly put a feel of that restfulness you feel in a retreat to such a place right there in your own home.

Begin Planning Your Retreat Before You Move is a Fun Way to Downsize

It is entirely possible that, with planning, you can re-decorate your entire surroundings in your new location. Instead of planning how you will stuff all your current belongings into your new home, you can begin by downsizing. Remember that you new location is going to have a complete new set of parameters to work with than your current location. You will not only have a different set of floor plans, but the dimensions will likely be smaller (especially if you are moving into a retirement home from a lifelong estate).

Prior to downsizing, prioritize your belongings by considering what you actually use and what you are merely hanging onto for memory’s sake. If you find that you are keeping certain things for memory, you can always consider leasing out a storage unit, or if you have a storage area at your new location all the better. Just know that you can store many of the items you choose to keep.

You may want to hire an interior designer for the purpose of redecorating. Missy Donaghy, owner of Interior for Seniors, is an excellent interior decorator. Not only does she have an educational background in this field, but she has had years of experience in decorating many of her clients’ new location. She has an eye for beauty and a professional attentiveness to what your specifically require within your given surroundings.

A Word About Minimalists

Though we can not all be minimalists, they do have the right idea when it comes to keeping unnecessary clutter out of their surroundings while keeping only those things that are practical. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having many things around you, just know that with a move comes a fresh start. You can now reorganize those items that are a part of your hobbies and interests in a different way so that they are a part of your surroundings.

For instance, if you are into art, create an artistic atmosphere. Why not liberate yourself by making room for your art in your immediate surroundings? Perhaps putting this in a corner of your living area is a bold move for you, but then it will also make your art easily accessible when you feel inspired. This can hold true for many things, from your spiritual beliefs (a place for mediation) to your love of cooking (consider purchasing new dishes, pots or pans that are decorative and fun or even new kitchen wall art).

“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” TS Eliot

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