Make Holiday Moves With Cheer That's Contagious

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Interiors for Seniors does its best to make holidays as cheerful as we can for our clients. We become partners in the move process, working together to have a fun relocation. Moves that are done around the holiday are always unique. Often the client wants to have their decorations available and sometimes they request help setting up their area in a festive way.

For those seniors who wish to reminisce, we are happy to listen and to help them relive their memories. For those who follow traditions, we talk about the meals, music and rituals that are special to them. For those with physical disabilities, we ask for their advice while decorating their apartment or new home, so they are still an important part of the process. We like to suggest shopping...on the internet. For those who have feelings of loss or loneliness, we provide a smile and a hug.

It’s fun to be in the retirement communities during the holidays. The staff always takes such care to make it look festive and joyous. Often the residents have decorated their doors, walkers, wheelchairs in keeping with the spirit. Cheery music is playing in the hallways and everyone seems to be happy and in a cheerful mood. If a loved one or friend needs help moving over the holidays, it is one of the nicest gifts you can give.


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