As part of our moving service, Interiors for Seniors is prepared and able to disassemble

your furniture before your move as well as to reassemble it for your new location, should it be

necessary. Not all furniture needs this. However, some items need to be disassembled merely for the safety of their move, having delicate and/or fragile parts. Others need to be disassembled for their bulkiness.

cleaning and polishing furniture

Some items which need to be disassembled for their delicateness or fragility would be

mirrors that are attached to a dresser, glass table tops, lampshades attached to lamps, including lamps such as Tiffany lamps with glass shades. Also included under this category would be knobs, casters, pulls or even legs from tables and couches. As an aside, we will naturally remove the drawers from each of the pieces of furniture which include them, so that they do not become damaged.

When choosing which items of furniture to disassemble, we start by measuring your door

space then move on to measuring the bulky-type items, assessing which pieces of furniture will not fit through the doors of both your old and new location. The items which will not fit safely through the doors will then be listed as those that need to be disassembled. These items could include a shelving unit, an armoire, china cabinet, a desk, a bed or even exercise equipment.

With the availability of internet access, we are able to research and find instruction manuals in order to follow the proper disassembly for any items, should we find the need.

Interiors for Seniors also has the essential tools for this process. As we go through this

process of disassembly, we will be sure to keep all of the “screws, nuts and bolts” organized by sealing them in a plastic bag and labeling them. This will be kept together with the

corresponding furniture for future reassembly. This is important whether you will be using the furniture in your new location or storing it.

When disassembly these furniture items, we will take care that they are placed on a soft

area so that they do not incur any damage in the process.

While having the proper know-how to disassemble and reassemble any given item with

the proper tools is important, it is also important to know how to transport them safely. How

these pieces are prepared for a move is also essential. Interiors for Seniors will pay proper

attention to the packaging of each of the parts to your furniture items. We will use moving

blankets, plastic and bubble wrap where necessary to insulate each of these items so that they can withstand the impact of any movement.

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