Keeping in Touch with Friends After a Move

Interiors for Seniors relocates hundreds of families each year. Most of our moves involve senior citizens who have been in their homes for decades. Even though we live in a transient and mobile society, one will often have neighbors for years. A certain special bond is developed living side by side someone, even if you aren’t especially friendly there is still a cordiality that exists. Employing a few of these tips can help you maintain the friendships even though there are miles apart.

typing email


In our modern age, this is one of the most effective tools to keep a personal line of communication open. Here’s an idea, instead of simply replying to your friends’ emails as you would to any other email….copy and paste their message, then add your thoughts and words in the text using a different color. Emails are also great because they can be long and in-depth, and allow you to elaborate and share every detail of your experience as you would over the phone. Often long phone calls aren’t possible, depending on the hearing capabilities of your phone partner. With emails, sound volume isn’t important.

Snail Mail

Snail Mail is a funny way to say …MAIL A LETTER through the postal service. Get a box of inexpensive greeting cards from your local dollar store or box store along with a book of stamps. Every week or two send a simple note detailing your current thoughts, mood or a memory of a past time with your special friend. Maybe jot down a quick recipe you’ve made over the past week or a fun tip you’ve discovered. Write in the current tense like you are chatting with your friend.


Facebook is an app you can add to your computer, tablet or cell phone. It is very popular and there is bound to be someone around you in the retirement community or home environment that can show you how to sign up. Once you are on Facebook, it is easy to search your friends names and establish online relationships with them. Trading photos, memories, recipes and ideas are only a few of the interactive thongs you can do on Facebook. Often there re free classes that will teach you quickly how to use Facebook. These classes are taught free of charge at senior centers and libraries.


Music is often a bonding experience. Sending a friend music on a CD or over the internet with a music service such as Spotify or iTunes is a fun way to evoke an instant memory. As you are picking out the tunes, imagine your friend(s) tapping their toes, dancing or singing along with the music.

Interiors for Seniors encourages you to maintain those friendships. Missy Donaghy, owner/operator, often refers to her clients as her new friends as she bonds with each one during the move process. Call now for a free consultation to begin your moving journey 321-279-3301


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