Well, first and foremost, let’s stop and thank our lucky stars if we do have rain, because it

hasn’t been that plentiful lately in the Central Florida area. That said, what are you to do if you are caught in the rain on moving day?


I will say immediately - you do not need to cancel your move unless the rain is

accompanied by threats of hurricane and other environmental type disasters. And come to think of it, a light rain maybe what the doctor ordered on one of these 90° - plus days we are

experiencing lately.

Should there be heavy rain, it is best to provide a space for the moving vehicle to park as

close to the entrance as possible [on both sides of the move]. This may mean you might even

need to speak to your neighbors about having a parking space available for that timeframe.

Prior to the movers showing up, why not throw down extra towels and other absorbent

materials such as blanket and old sheets to help keep the water from puddling at the doorway the moving traffic is using. A moving box opened up and spread across the floor is also a good idea and can be very absorbent for this purpose.

This will not only ensure no one will slip in the water, but will also protect the rest of

your home from people tracking water, mud and what have you, across your floors or carpet.

This task of laying absorbent material at the doorway is also in order for when you arrive at your new location.

An additional idea is to have a relay team of movers. The ones on the inside can hand off

the boxes to the ones standing outside or at least undercover of a porch or overhang, etc. This

way there should be minimal tracking of wet, muddy shoes. It would be a nice good idea to have extra old towels or some other absorbent material to hand out to the movers in order to dry boxes or excess water on your items. The movers would also appreciate having a towel to dry off with themselves, come to think of it.

Covering your furniture with plastic sheets or tarps over moving blankets can also be an added protection for your furniture. When sealed with tape, moving boxes will hold up very well through this type of move.

Place clothing and art work in large plastic bags Obtaining several plastic bins for items such as important documents, paperwork, photographs and any precious memorabilia would give extra protection for these types of items.

Once all of your belongings have been moved to the new location, inspect and wipe off any water from the rain that may be standing on anything. If there is, you have caught it just in time.

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