It's Not a Failure to Look for Help for Your Aging Parents

It can be very overwhelming to care for an aging parent. It is time consuming and often outside of the expertise of the adult child. Many adult children feel it is there responsibility to care for their parent until the very end, however this can sometimes be uncomfortable for the aging parent who would be more comfortable and better cared for by a professional caregiver.

Often it is a necessity to find professional care for our aging parents. Some reasons maybe:

1. No physical room in the adult childs house and no income to add on to the house or buy a larger one.

2. The adult child may be required to travel often for work.

3. The adult child may not be emotionally equipped to deal with diseases such as alzheimers or dementia

4. The adult child and parents did not have a closer relationship

5. The aging parent may not want to live with the adult child

Take the time to explore your options. Find out what the aging parents wishes are. Visit several retirement communities and look into their credentials. Ask friends and other family members for recommendations. Contact the local senior council where you live, they oftebn=n are a great source of information and help. If you feel crippled by the feelings of guilt you may want to consult a religious leader or therapist for help. This is often a collborative decision so bring in others to help.


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