Unless you are in an emergency situation, one thing you don’t want to do is wait until the last minute to try and schedule your move. Just what is the ideal timeframe for scheduling a move with a moving company?

Some say you should schedule a move two or even three months out from your intended date. Others say four weeks is fine. One thing you need to remember is there are times throughout the year that are coined as the “busy season” for moving.

When is the Busy Season for Movers?

Statistics have shown the busiest time of the year to try and move is between April and September. It has been calculated that approximately 40 million people move a year, and that 80% of those moves occur throughout the window between April to September. So, know that if you wait too long or too close to your intended move date, you might not get the exact timeframe you would like.

Understand the Complexity of Moving

Few people realize how complex moving can be unless they have been through it before. However, if you are a person who has been living in your home for most of your life, you may find that this task is more than overwhelming unless you have a good healthy plan of attack for the project.

Scheduling your move well in advance will lock the date of your move in and give you plenty of time to focus on preparing for your move. Tasks such as downsizing, getting rid of the excess belongings, packing or even purchasing new household furniture you may need to fit into your new home are only a few things that you need to accomplish prior to the relocation date.

When deciding how early to book a move there are also variables to consider such as distance of the move and the size of your move. You may also want to consider whether you have specialty items to be moved which will be more time consuming than an average move. Specialty items also require special equipment for a move. A good example of a specialty item would be a pool table or a grand piano.

My point is, if you schedule your move early enough, you will have plenty of time to relax and think things through for your move instead of packing on the fly and forgetting a dozen things necessary for preparing for and adjust to this big change in your life. It will also give you time for any surprises associated with the move, or otherwise, that may pop up prior to your actual relocation date.

Therefore, once you have locked in the moving date, you can begin to create a stress-free plan for your move by first making a checklist of things that you need to accomplish prior to the big day.

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