Realizing that COVID-19 is in the back of everyone’s mind whenever making a choice of action today, here are a few things to put your mind at ease when deciding to relocate during the pandemic.

First and foremost, know that Interiors for Seniors has a COVID-19 policy in place. This policy was constructed by our company by using the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.


Since the pandemic, Interiors for Seniors is offering its customers a choice of in-home or virtual estimate. Upon making this decision please consider the following:

In-Home Estimate:

A thumbnail explanation of an in-home estimate would go as follows:

Before entering your home, Missy Donaghy will stay the prescribed six-feet distance as she smiles to greet you instead of giving you a handshake. Once she has entered your home, she will hand-sanitize and sit a six-foot distance across from a table with you to discuss your potential move.

Once you have had some time to discuss your move, Missy will walk through your home with her laptop (staying the prescribed six-foot distance from you) while she conducts the estimate of your move.

Once the estimate is complete, she will leave you with a moving packet which includes the contract and other moving forms you will need to sign by the day of your move. A completed floor plan will later be emailed to you.

Virtual Estimate:

During this difficult time, we are also able to offer you a virtual estimate for your move rather than an in-home estimate. You only need to let us know that this is your preference. A virtual estimate can be conducted via your computer or laptop with Interiors for Seniors owner, Miss Donaghy.


We have also implemented the following safety precautions of all of our employees. Prior to entering a home, we

  • conduct temperature checks,

  • enforce a strict handwashing policy

  • enforce a strict mask wearing policy

A thumbnail picture of moving day with Interiors for Seniors will look something like this: Rug protectors/carpet shields will be used throughout your home. Our crew will wear masks at all times. They will each be stationed in separate parts of the house where they will work to pack your belongings for the move. At all times each of the crew will be properly stationed to comply with the social distancing guidelines of staying six-feet apart. Throughout the day, our crew will wash their hands, using the CDC prescribed technique. They will also sanitize their hands on a regular basis.


Interiors for Seniors is also concerned about the safety of our employees. Hence, we ask that if you have a scheduled move and find that a member of your household has either contracted coronavirus or else been exposed, that you inform us so that we can reschedule.

It is helpful to provide our moving crew with access to a sink, soap and paper towels. Also, if a customer doesn’t have a mask, we will provide one.

With the implementation of all of the above guidelines, together with the prescribed social distancing measures, you should have peace of mind regarding your health and safety when we are moving your belongings. Please refer to our webpage for a complete guideline to our COVID-19 protocols [].

Call Missy Donaghy with Interiors for Seniors for a FREE consultation 321-279-3301.

Interiors for Seniors is proud to have been chosen as one of the top 100 moving blogs on the Internet.


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