Is your kitchen pantry ready for a makeover? Have you been dreaming of going into your kitchen and everything being at your fingertips instead of having to search through every item? But alas, your precious time is robbed from you while you search for that item, only to find what you are looking for has been crammed behind literally everything on the shelf! Being in the moving industry for so many years now, here are some key tips I have discovered to help!!

organize using jars


Before you can organize your pantry, you need to know what you have in there. The best way I have found to get organized is to gut your pantry space and see what you have. Merely put everything on your table or else cabinet and begin to see exactly what you have. Now you can easily measure your shelf space.

Use a system of note taking whether it is online or else the old-fashioned way: pen and pad. You will probably need a garbage can nearby for this task because you should forthwith eliminate all expired products. Next, you will need to make two separate lists.

The first list is your shopping list. This is where you write down that you need to purchase a new product to replace it. Next, what are you low on? Do you have plenty of flour, sugar and the like? Put that on your shopping list as well. Now on a separate list, you need to start categorizing: baking goods, spices, canned goods, etc. The second list should be the beginning of your map for your pantry.

If you are creative, you can even make a simple sketch of your space so that you can begin to assess your next step, which is:


Now that you know what you have and what you are going to be purchasing, you have a clearer picture of what your needs are as far containers and organizers are concerned. You will also have a pretty good idea of what size containers to purchase. Another handy idea for organzing your kitchen pantry is to purchase a labeler of some sort. This could be a fancy label system or it could simply be getting blank labels and hand writing the labels yourself. No matter which one you choose, you will now have a pretty good start to getting your pantry ready for a streamline cooking experience.


Now that you have made your list and possibly purchased the missing food items you desire, it is time to actually organize your pantry. Begin by organizing like items in either sheet pans or else clear plastic tubs that can put on the shelves for easy pull out access.


Don’t stop there because there are also some other great organizational ways you can use:

  • Baskets

  • plastic shoe boxes (with or without the top),

  • Lazy Susan for spices and smaller items

  • Clear or mesh-type door shelves for packets

I have even seen people use over-the-door plastic shoe organizers which can be purchased at Amazon for under $9. They can be used for all sorts of pantry items: those large jars of spices, spreads or sprays; plastic utensils. Be inventive and have fun with it. Most of all: don’t forget to smile.☺

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