If you have been asking yourself whether your grand piano can be moved to the second floor then the answer is yes, you can. However, it will take some planning and most likely specialty movers to accomplish this feat though you can do this on your own. Of course, as with most moves for specialty items, a move such as this will require special equipment to pull it off properly.

Navigating Your Staircase

Staircases can come in many different designs, shapes and styles. The most common are the single-stage, linear designs, the U-shaped staircase, the L-shaped staircase and the circular or oblique staircases. All of these twists and turns will need to be considered when attempting to navigate a staircase with a grand piano.

You will also need to prepare your staircase for the move so that you don’t end up with nicks or gouges in your staircase handrail or railing as well as the walls adjoining the staircase. This should be done by first being sure to wrap all parts of the piano prior to moving it. This would include the piano bench as well as any parts removed such as the piano legs. Use moving blanket and moving tape to secure any corners (and door frames as well).

Cost of Moving a Grand Piano

As stated previously, moving a specialty item such as a grand piano will take specialty equipment. These will need to be rented, of course. The following is a list of equipment required to correctly move a grand piano.

  • Moving blankets

  • Moving straps

  • Dolly

  • Plywood planks (measured to the length of the staircase).

Also, the cost of moving your grand piano will also be determined by the TYPE of grand piano you own. There are at least five different types: Petite Grand, Baby Grand, Medium Grand, Semi-concert Grand, and Concert Grand.

Call several piano moving companies and compare their quotes before settling on a company to move your precious instrument. Ask about their preparation process as well as their navigation process. This will tell you a lot about whether they know what they are doing.

Always watch out for scammers. Here’s a good idea: Why not watch a YouTube or so, to get some pertinent information about “how to move a grand piano upstairs” under your belt that may not be covered in this blog? Here’s a Youtube to get you started. []

Where to Find Piano Movers

Most moving companies are prepared to move your grand piano. Please consider the reviews posted by previous clients of the company you are considering for this. Interiors for Seniors is one such moving company that is prepared to move your piano for you.

Call Missy Donaghy with Interiors for Seniors for a FREE consultation 321-279-3301.

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