When moving out of an old place into a new one, you want to be certain that you protect the quality of the flooring in both places. I say quality of the flooring since at times, there may have been previous damage prior to your occupying the residence. This should, of course, have been reported to your landlord when you first moved in. This is true on both sides of the move as well.


Nevertheless, you have several reasons to protect the floor, first of which is if you don’t it will cost you money and time. You certainly won’t get your deposit back on your previous location (if you were renting) and the cost will come out of your pocket if the location belongs to you, since any damage will come out of your sales profit.

TIPS for preventing floor damage

  • Prior to the movers coming, place opened cardboard boxes through the open paths in your home that lead in and out of the truck. Old blankets can work for this as well.

  • As a point of interests, it is best not to overpack a cardboard box, weight-wise. However, knowing that at times, the contents of a box may be heavier than anticipate, why not double tape your boxes and add to the security of the contents. As a guideline, about 20 pounds is a reasonable weight for a cardboard box.

  • Prepare your furniture for moving

Most people feel their furniture is not a part of the packing process. That you just merely pick it up and off it goes into the truck. However, there is a lot of area within your home that the furniture goes through before it reaches the truck. Don’t count on the movers not sitting the sofa down to reposition it while carrying it.

Be sure to measure your larger furniture for ease of access through the doorways (on both ends of the move). This way, if you need to disassemble a piece of furniture, you will know before trying to shove it through a space too small. Believe it or not this is a good prevention for floor damage, since the pushing and shoving of furniture will most likely translate to the floors being damaged.

Tables, sofas, chairs, desks and bookcases can go into the category of overlooked items in this regard. Best to wrap the legs and edges of this furniture with moving blankets or other padding. Also be aware that you can get furniture sliders to assist in this.

  • Lastly, the old-fashioned, tried, but true doormats are in order here. Be sure to have one at every entrance. It is a good rule of thumb to have one on both sides of the door and at both locations of your move.

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