Kitchenware and silverware can be marred or scratched in a move. Also, due to the fact that kitchenware and silverware are for the most part sharp objects, they are also potential hazards when moving. Understanding this, it seems best to pack these items properly to ensure your belongings are protected as well as for the safety of everyone who is involved in moving these items.



  • Moving boxes (small)

  • Packing tape

  • Packing paper

  • Tissue paper

  • Marker for labeling

NOTE: Prior to packing your kitchenware and silverware, be CERTAIN IT IS DRY.


Kitchenware can become heavy if you overpack it in a large box. You also don’t want to simply throw all your kitchenware into a box and tape it up. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Rather, you should take a small box and line it with crumbled packing paper or else kitchen towels to cushion your kitchenware and prevent it from “rolling around” in the box. Take several pieces of the cutlery at a time and place them in two to three sheets of flattened packing paper, then roll until they are completely wrapped. Secure the wrap with packing tape before placing it in a moving box.

*A Special Word About Knives

It has been suggested by some that you pack your kitchen knife collection in a separate box apart from your other cooking utensils. This is an extra added safety precaution. That said, you should carefully place several knives at a time on spread out towel, blade facing same direction on the towel and roll them, attempting to cushion each blade. Before placing each roll of knives inside a small box, take a single sheet of packing paper and wrap it around the towel roll (secured with tape) in order to mark the direction of the blades. Clearly mark the outside of the moving box as “Caution: Knives.”


Prior to packing your silverware, select enough silverware for each person in your home in order to have some to use throughout the move. Place these in your “moving necessities box” you are assembling for the moving transition so each person will have eating utensils for the move.

Like most people, you probably have a silverware tray for your eating utensils (silverware or stainless steel). If that is true, half the packing battle has been won. Take each section of the drawer (forks, table knives tablespoons and teaspoons) and wrap them separately in a dishcloth. Then place each wrapped stack back into their designated section in the tray before wrapping the entire tray. This will keep them from moving about. Now you can wrap the tray in packing paper and secure it with packing tape before placing it in a box. It would be a good idea to place this item on the bottom of your moving box since it is definitely a heavy item.

If you have actual silverware (made from silver – you know – the good stuff you use for holidays), then use the chest the silverware came in. If you choose, you can also individually wrap each section (as stated above for general eating utensils) prior to wrapping the chest in packing paper and putting it in a moving box.

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