“Packing a rug?” you say. “How hard can it be? It’s only a rug.” Well, there actually is a correct way to pack a rug. To begin with, the size of the rug will determine how it’s packed. There are two basic kinds of rugs: small area rugs and large (and perhaps very expensive) rugs.

rolled up rugs

Supplies Needed to Pack Rugs

The following is a list of supplies you will need to properly pack any size rug.

  • Rope, twine or string

  • Packing tape

  • Craft or durable brown paper (large) or any large packing type paper.

Preparing Your Rug to Be Packed

  • Clean the rug first!

Vacuum, sweep or shake your rug well to remove any dirt, especially if there is a chance that food-stuff has dropped into your rug. Regardless, cleaning before packing will help to eliminate any pests from being attracted to your rug. If you choose or should your rug require it, you can also machine wash your smaller rugs and air dry them in the sun.

  • Turn your rug upside down prior to rolling it up [back of rug facing up]. When you roll the rug, the pile should be on the outside in order to protect the backing of the rug, especially those rugs with a stiff backing. This is particularly true for a valuable oriental type rug.

  • Note that the direction of the roll should be against the direction of the pile in the rug itself. You should begin by rolling on the short side rather than the long side. NEVER FOLD THE RUG.

  • Try to roll the rug as snuggly as you can. This will save space in the overall packing process.

  • You may need more than one person to complete this task should you have a large and heavy area rug. An additional person will be helpful in packing the rug as well as moving it.

  • Tie the rolled up the rug on each end using your rope, twine or string. You should never use packing tape on the rug itself.


Once you have secured your rug with some type of tie, you will need to wrap it with a large piece of packing paper. This will assist in preserving the quality of your rug; especially since the outside of the rug is the part that will need to be protected against the elements throughout the move. Now that you have wrapped the rug with paper, you can use your packing tape to secure the paper for while the rug is in transport and/or storage.


You should store or pack your rug on the moving truck in an upright position. If you lay it on its side, there is the chance something will be placed on top of it, thus breaking down the integrity of the backing of your rug.


Once you are ready to unpack, know that the rug is the first thing that you will want to put in the chosen room. It may be a good idea to place the rug on the truck last in order for you to get it into your home first, before the furniture is moved in.

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