First of all, don’t believe that if you break a mirror, it’s seven years bad luck. That’s superstition. But in reality, breaking a mirror is, at its worsts, a mess and sometimes a bloody mess if you happen to run into a shard of broken glass.


Imagine shoving your hand into a moving box to remove an item and running into a broken piece of glass instead. Instead, let’s look at a safe and proper way to pack mirrors (mirrors are first cousins to glass itself).

When Packing Mirrors, Size Makes a Difference

Mirrors come in various sizes and shapes. Some are large and hang over credenzas or sofas and are the size of a very large painting. Large mirrors would also include full length mirrors, some of which are freestanding with the help of a stand and others which hang on the wall with a mount. Still other mirrors are small enough to pack in boxes, whether they are free-standing mirrors or hand-held vanity mirrors. Packing each type has its own specifics.

Packing Large Mirrors

For large mirrors, you should reinforce your mirror by taping an X on the front using plastic masking tape. This will serve as a way to keep shards of glass together, should the mirror break. Next, purchase edge or corner protectors to keep the frame even throughout the move. This prevents the frame from bowing and breaking the mirror itself. Now, you should wrap the entire mirror in bubble wrap or else foam wrap before wrapping them securely with moving blankets.

It is preferable that you transport the mirror in an upright position rather than laying it down. Some have suggested placing them behind a heavy piece of furniture such as a couch or vanity when loading them on the moving truck. This way it will prevent one from accidently sitting something on it and breaking it.

Packing Small Mirrors

Small mirrors can be packed by first taping an X across the front with plastic masking tape wrapping in bubble wrap or foam wrap. The next step differs from a large mirror in that, instead of wrapping them in moving blankets. Instead, you should sandwich them in between two pieces of cardboard then use packing tape to secure the two sides together.

Again, don’t lay these packaged mirrors flat (horizontally). Rather, stand them upwards (vertical), if possible. If they are very small, put them in a larger box with cardboard inserts in between the mirrors, (somewhat akin to when you pack framed art). You may also use crumpled paper in between the mirrors instead of cardboard inserts.

Last, you should label your packaged mirror as FRAGILE, GLASS so that all can see it. It’s best to put these labels on several sides of the package.

Remember that there are two goals to accomplish when packing mirrors, safety for those involved in the move and protection of your mirrors.

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