We recently posted a blog entitled Tips for Moving Priceless Items whereby we said we would post a special blog on how to pack your priceless jewelry. This blog will include that as well as how to pack your costume jewelry.



As previously stated in Tips for Moving Priceless Items you should “consider having them [your priceless items] insured before moving them. This would require your creating an inventory list that includes a photograph of each of the priceless items and any unusual identification markings.” This tip holds true for priceless jewelry.


The means of packing your priceless jewelry would include procuring a jewelry roll (or several if you have a large collection of pieces). A jewelry roll is a great way to pack jewelry if you don’t have a jewelry box or case. Jewelry rolls are available in many types of material. You may want to invest in a leather jewelry roll or make a do-it-yourself version. I have seen various versions of a quilted jewelry rolls (visit this link at Martha Stewart’s website for instruction on how to make one [].

Other types of jewelry rolls I’ve seen include: velvet, silk or embroidered cloth. They will also vary in design from those with pockets to a combination of packets and hooks for securing chain lengths. Another handy feature available in a jewelry roll is a ring bar for you to slip on and secure your rings.


The first suggestion I have for packing costume jewelry is to do a severe assessment of your collection and eliminate any piece(s) that has become outdated, broken or missing parts (one earring is a good example, though I understand some like to wear mixed pieces).

You can obtain small Ziploc bags at a hobby store that are both inexpensive and practical for storing your jewelry separately. These bags come in various sizes, ranging from very small (for rings and earrings) to large for your nice bulky necklaces.

Of course, if you have a nice jewelry box with all the cushioned compartments then by all means, keep your jewelry secure in that. A nice hack for this is to put the box inside a plastic bag and secure with packing tape so that if the top of the jewelry box accidentally falls open, your pieces will be captured by the bag itself. Simple, but still effective in my book.


A great hack for packing necklaces is to use straws. You simply feed the chain through the straw. Though you may have room to feed several necklaces through the straw, it wouldn’t seem like a good practice since the idea is to keep the chains separated from one another.

The bottom line on packing your jewelry for a move (especially if it is of the priceless nature) is that you keep anything of value on your person. Do not pack it in boxes meant for the moving truck.

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