Have you always dreamed of being a film star? Well, now here’s your chance to shine. “Center Stage, please!” Yes, if you are trying to find ways to communicate with your grandchildren, this may give you a new direction: make amusing videos to send to them.


This isn’t as complicated as it may seem on the outset. If you have a mobile phone or computer, you have the means to make a video. Or you can always soup up your electronics collection by purchasing some basic video production equipment for as little as just over $50.

You may ask: “What in the world would I possible do on a video? I don’t want to just sit there and say hello.” Well here are some suggestions that will help you to amuse your grandkids (and even perhaps create yourself a great new hobby).

Suggestions for Amusing Videos

  • Science Experiments

I know you probably don’t see yourself as a Bill Nye, The Science Guy, who by the way is very popular. And just a Bill Nye made science entertaining, so can you. You don’t have to have science or even a teaching degree to do this. And, for the most part, you don’t even need special equipment. Choose from several basic easy experiments, write you out a script and wham …. You are a star. You may even enjoy dressing the part of your science film.

Here are several website links that list science experiments you can do at home.

  • We Are Teachers []

Lists such experiments as:

  • Grow a Carbon Sugar Snake:

Ingredients needed: sugar, salt and baking soda.

  • Mommy Poppins [] suggests many experiments as well. One fun one that stands out is:

  • How to Make Rock Candy

(here is an additional recipe for this at []

Tell a Story or Read a Book to Your Grandchildren:

Storytelling is a long handed down tradition among families. You can easily keep this tradition alive in your own family by creating a video of yourself telling a story or else reading a book to your grandchildren. You may also purchase two of the same books and send one copy to your grandchildren along with your video so they can follow along with the story.

That would also give them a memory as they re-read the story over and over.

I found a really great link called Story Before Bed that allows you to record a book online with both audio and video and kids can play it back on their own ipad, mobile device or computer.


Don’t forget that you can also upload your own recorded videos to Youtube, which makes for easy access by your grandkids. Betty White (my heroine – 99-years-old this year (2021) has some videos of her reading kid’s book. These may give you an example of how to read on your own video. [].

I hope these ideas help you to stay close your grandchildren and that through these ideas you may have inspiration for even more ideas of your own.

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