Updated: Dec 13, 2019

So, you have just downsized and moved into your smaller dwelling. It seems daunting to haphazardly try and shove all your belongings into this or that corner when what you really want is a duty-free home.

Oh my, looks like we need to talk about clearing up the clutter. But isn’t this something that should be done in the springtime? You know, for spring cleaning and the like? Nope. This blog is intended to be a year-round necessary activity.


It could be that stack of junk mail you have been meaning to go through. Oops, I mean stacks (plural).That is clutter.

Maybe you are a junk rescuer. Does your friend have a pile of stuff that they are throwing out and you feel inclined to take it home because it is in good shape and you may need it one day? Or another friend might want? That is also clutter.

Worse, are you unable to part with old items you hardly ever remember, much less use?



Some have employed the process of “one in, one out” If you are purchasing a new pack of socks, then make sure you go through the old ones and toss the ones that are obviously worn and tattered.

A good way to circumvent your entire home becoming a clutter collection is to allow yourself to have a junk draw or box. It helps to have at least one place to toss various small objects.

Really and truly, keeping a clutter free home is like going down a pathway after a fresh spring rain.

Along with a positive attitude, it will take some restructuring of your way of doing things in order to keep your home a clutter-free zone. Learning to put things where they belong when you are done with them. Simple things like that; things that your mother probably told you when you were young, or that you may have said to your own children.


It seems many feel that since they live alone, it doesn’t matter where their things go. Trust me, it does. In fact, it can be very satisfying to be living alone and have a clutter-free home. You have things in exactly the spot you want them and they won’t move unless you move them.

The perks of a clutter-free home a numerous, but the best one of all is it takes very little of your time to clean your home when it remains year-round clutter-free. Now you have more time to do things you really want to do.

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