Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Now that you have decided to move into a retirement community, your next step is to downsize your belongings. This is a process for sure and one that takes a lot of time and thought.

Questions that you may be asking yourself:

  • What should I keep?

  • Will it fit my new residence?

  • What can I do with the valuable things I have decided I cannot take with me?

Of course, you also may need an estate sale for other reasons. You may be find yourself in the position of settling an estate and need a way to sell the valuable belongings within that estate. This is where an Estate Sale service comes in.


An Estate Sale in the instance of moving and downsizing is a way of liquidating [into cash] the remainder of your belongings that you cannot take with you. It is a sale that is open to the public. However, an estate sale is a not a garage sale.

An estate sale is generally run by a professional sales agent on a commission structure. Typically, the sales agent takes a percentage of the sales as payment for the service. This is because the agent assesses the value of your belongings, advertises the sale, organizes the sales including the displaying of the items and after all is said and done, clears out what is not sold so that you have nothing to worry about when you leave your former home for your new dwelling.

A good estate sales agent has connections to those who are experts in selling fine art, collectables, jewelry and other valuables. The amount of the commission is usually determined by the size of an estate sale, type of items to be sold, and/or geographical location. Most estate sales services have an established pricing structure which may include a discount structure that will be used to ensure the sale is complete within a few days, which is common in an estate sale. You can be sure the agent will get the best possible price since they are getting a percentage of the sales. One thing you should ask about is whether labor is included in the commission of the sales.

Every estate sale is unique from others, in that it has a set of belongings that that differs from any other. An estate sale agent performs their services under a written contract. In so doing, you will have a clear picture of the details and responsibilities of the parties involved. This contract protects both the client and the company performing the estate sales service.

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