Just what in the world do I mean by a “green move?” I mean, it is a way to reduce your

carbon footprint, which means reducing the ways that you pollute your world while moving. We certainly cannot entirely remove all the possibilities of polluting. This, unfortunately, is a part of our everyday lives. But the operative word here is to “reduce.”


For the most part, you can eliminate your contribution to this pollution by trying to find

ways you can help yourself. By using containers which you already have in your home to pack

your belongings, you can reduce the number of cardboard boxes needed to transport them. Look around and be creative.


You may have grocery totes or beach bags hanging around that are perfect for

many items. Be sure to cover the top of the tote bags by tucking in a cloth of some

sort so the items you pack do not come tumbling out.

Don’t forget to utilize your suitcases. Suitcases are good for packing many things

besides clothing (which of course is perfect). You can use them for documents,

shoes, linens, or even your hobby supplies. By the way, a wheeled suitcase can be

a great moving accessory.

Drawers from your dresser or other furniture are always a good go-to for packing

almost anything. Do not leave them in the furniture (due to extra weight), rather

cover the contents with a towel or small blanket (tucked around the edges so your

items do not tumble out. This will also keep them free of any debris.

A briefcase can be perfect for documents, CDs, DVDs, laptops

Backpacks are great for many essential items and can handle many odd-shaped


Plastic bins. Though these are not necessarily a “green item”, they are reusable

and you can repurpose them for storage in your new location.

Buckets and trash cans are great for items such as bathroom items, garden tools or

even cleaning supplies.

Baskets/hampers: you probably have a dirty-clothes hamper and laundry basket in

your possession. Don’t overlook these as a possibility for a green move.

Wood crates can work for moving your belongings and once you move, you can

get creative with them and make them a part of your storage concepts.


Just as there are great substitutes for cardboard boxes when moving, there are also green

ways to pack and insulate your belongings for a move without the use of materials such as plastic bubble-wrap and packing paper. Many items around your home will work. Here is a list of a few things, but again, trust your creative instincts when considering how to pack without contributing to more pollution.

  •  Pillows (for padding around your belongings)

  •  Clothing items such as sweaters or coats

  •  Blankets

  •  Towels

  •  Sheets

There are also a few green alternatives one can purchase from environmentally-friendly

vendors. Today, we have biodegradable packing peanuts (made from cornstarch, believe it or


Remember that improvisation is the name of the game when considering alternatives for

packing green.

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