Disposing of unwanted outdoor furniture can be challenging. Especially since, due the bulky nature of outdoor furniture there is most likely no curbside pick up for these items; nor can you put them in your local dumpster.

When disposing of unwanted outdoor furniture that is still usable there are several options:

  • Sell it “as is” on Craig’s List, Facebook Garage Sale or Next Door [follow the website’s directions on how to post your product] or by word-of-mouth.

  • Gift it to a friend, a neighbor

  • Donate it to a cause such as a local church, school or theatre. Be creative in your thoughts on this.

If your outdoor furniture is long past it’s due to date to go and needs a final resting place, you need to follow a few rules as far as disposing of it properly. This, of course, depends on the type of material the furniture is made from.


If it’s wood, it isn’t recyclable. Neither can it be composted. There are several reasons for this. The wood has most likely been treated and has for sure been painted, stained or varnished. Breaking it down to its smallest sizes can be helpful in hauling it to the dump. You may also be able to salvage some pieces for a new building or art project.


Metal furniture is made from aluminum, steel or wrought iron. Use a magnet to see if they are magnetic or not. Call ahead to the scrap yard to see what types of metals they accept before going there. If its aluminum, it is definitely recyclable. Most places pay top dollar (i. e. the going market price) for the metal. By the way, you can recycle rusty metal.

There is a pickup service for scrap metal, but it will cost you more for your disposal it would if you dropped it off.

Here are a few scrap metal locations:

Orlando Metal Recycling  295 Lyman Rd, Casselberry, FL 32707 Phone: 855-SCRAP-88 Website:

Orlando Scrap Metal 18778 East Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32820 Phone: 407-568-3666 Fax: 407-568-3677 Website:


Look on your furniture for a “resin identification code” [a little triangle with a number in it] which is the code for the type of plastic it is made from.

  • Use this link to identify your type of plastic. Most plastic outdoor furniture is made from #2 or #5 [These are recyclable]:

Earth Easy

  • Use this link to find a recycle center that will accept plastic in your area, by entering your zip code for the center nearest you:

Earth 911

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